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Cronus PRO v1.21 更新發布

Cronus PRO最新更新,請使用Cronus Pro內部更新程式,更新至最新版本,更新方式請打開CronusPro->Tools->Cronus PRO Update,依照指示更新即可。


1. 修正X-AIM可以映射使用XBOX系列手把的X Logo鍵功能
2. 編譯容量最小化
3. 在X-Input增加調整震動頻率的選項, 減慢震動頻率可幫助減少lag現象
4. 增加2個Combo語法: combo_suspend(combo暫停)及combo_supended(判斷combo是否在暫停狀態)
5. 語法多了新迴圈語法for loop及if判斷式累加遞減語法修改為類C語言語法
6. 部分語法優化
7. 修復多個bugs
8. 增加穩定度

  • Replaced X-Input code with our own custom code, fixing a year’s long Microsoft bug and making the Guide button FINALLY work in X-AIM. It’s mapped to button 10, this should also fix rumble issues you may have experienced in the past (lagging rumble for example).
  • Enabled compiler optimizations – This means that your scripts will be smaller than they otherwise would’ve been because the compiler attempts to be smart and help you by not adding unused variables, unused functions, unused combo’s etc. and it allocates the variables all at once rather than all combo’s and arrays as chunks and each individual variable as a separate opcode.
  • Added a menu item in X-Aim shown by pressing Ctrl + F12 which displays what version of X-Input is being used (1.3 is required for the guide button to work, but it can fall back to 1.4 and 9.1.0 too).
  • Added a customizable rumble timing for X-Input to allow you to tune it to your needs if needed (making it less frequent with updates may fix lag issues).
  • Added support for 2 new combo constructs “combo_suspend” and “combo_suspended”, the first one essentially just “Pause” a combo (make it stop running but not reset it) and the second checks if it is in this “Paused” state.
  • Added support for setting a delay on bootloader packets which may help with corruption issues while writing GamePacks/Scripts.
  • Fixed issue causing some users to have crashes during startup such as when there’s a permissions problem in the registry.
  • Fixed interpreter issue related to how indexed arrays worked (when using a variable).
  • Fixed issue causing false warnings to show up when using the new “for (…) { … }” construct.
  • Fixed issue causing false warnings to show up when returning from a user function.Fixed issue causing the parser to crash when trying to parse very large numbers (beyond the normal range, it now gives you a warning regarding this issue instead of silently crashing)
  • Fixed issue causing the compiler to silently crash when attempting to compile scripts that had constant math containing a 0 in the right side of the definition.
  • Fixed issue causing ps4_touchpad to not be compiled correctly.
  • Fixed issue causing X-AIM specific scripts to not be possible to upload to the online library.
  • Fixed issue causing a exception to be thrown when attempting to fetch the script on unsupported systems (Windows Vista).
  • Fixed a problem with the compiler causing it to bail out on first error (including bytecode size) giving you false hope that there’s just 1 more byte to shave off… (it now compiles until first major error then tells you the size problems after it’s been fully compiled).
  • Fixed a bug causing “XB360_BACK” to not be highlighted properly.
  • Fixed a typo in “Downloading SW v… please wait.”
  • Fixed issue causing functions where not all paths return a value would compile without any error
  • Fixed issue causing variables modified by set_bits and co. to be considered not used/given a value
  • Fixed issue with the get_bits function causing it to compile incorrectly and incorrectly require the first parameter to be a variable
  • Fixed issue causing things like “variable = variable2 = 2;” to compile incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with parsing, hex numbers are now properly supported and all input values are now checked to be within variable range; -32768 to 32767
  • Fixed issue with latest news not fetching the latest news properly after the site was redesigned/updated
  • Changed InFrameIn to be disabled by default.
  • Updated Copyright information.
  • Updated About window to fit all version information.


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