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(ZEN) 2.09Firware updat4
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Firware update

- Added PlayStation 5 Console Support (Requires PS4 Speciality Controller. Recommended: HORI PS4 Mini-Pad)
- Added Xbox Series X|S Console Support
- Added PS5 Dual Sense Controller (aka DS5)
- Added Xbox Series X|S Controller
- Added Xbox Series X|S Controller Speciality Mode (enables GPC_OP_PS4AUTHTIMO and GPC_OP_OUTRECON)
- Added Xbox One Adaptive Controller
- Added HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Controller
- Added HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4 (includes Speciality Support)
- Added Host Driver for just HORI PS4 Mini-Pad in Speciality Mode
- Added Redirect Auth to HORI PS4 Mini-Pad if Present
- Added getinfo 9002 to Return Speciality State
- Added PS4 StrikePack to Detour to send F3 to HORI Mini-Pad
- Added Snow Screensaver
- Added Support to Send Lightbar and Player LED to DS5 in PS4 Emulator
- Added State 5 to cmGCC > ext1 > ext1_rgb for when Exiting Programming Mode to Ensure the RGB gets cleared
- Added Capture and Use Interface Number for Setup Transfers to Interface
- Fixed DS5 Gyros
- Fixed DS5 Input Audio Driver
- Fixed Offsets in Mapping Apps & Drivers

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